Friday, 25 July 2008

iN THe eND, THeRe iS oNLY eMPTiNeSS...

about the sense that whatever you do, however far you walk, you're still stuck in the same place...

VeRSe 1:

Well, I guess I'm running on the spot,
Veins pumping acid through my limbs,
Keep on losing my ability to differentiate
Between the nature of my sins


So I'll keep on pushing forward,
Cos I don't know what else to do,
Yeah, I'll keep on pushing forward,
And breaking up on you...


I like the way you smash me up,
It makes me fucking come,
I like the way you break me up,
You break me til I'm done.

VeRSe 2:

Hey, I gotta face like a hand grenade,
I'm such a twisted little fuck,
I guess whatever happens,
I've run right outta luck...

So keep your fucking poison,
It's your purity I need,
I'll bury myself inside you,
And on your nothingness I'll feed...

CHoRuS x2

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