Friday, 13 June 2008

10,000 MiLeS DeeP

about the breakdown of communication between two people... wanting to say everything but knowing you can't say anything and so just growing apart.

VeRSe 1:

I wake and taste the film of blood
Trapped between my teeth
My skin - so fucking perfect -
Hides the fractures underneath
The fuses in my head
Rewired all to blow
Sometimes its so much better
So much better not to know


I tried so hard to hold on
But the apathy - it grew
I tried hard not to break this, but,
I wound up breaking me and you


Still reaching and groping for the prize
You know that when you try to speak
There's nothing in my eyes

Still seeking some glorious new day
You know that when I try to speak
There's nothing left to say

VeRSe 2:

We used to be so perfect
But it greyed and faded out
We used to have such valid things
To dream and laugh about
Now there's a fissure cut between us
And its grown ten thousand miles deep
Severed from each other we're
Awake but still asleep


CHoRuS [x2]

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