Friday, 13 June 2008


about being betrayed by somebody you loved...

VeRSe 1:

Rent and spent and gutted
Rotten hollow to the core
You think you fucking know me
But I don't live here anymore
Rent and spent and gutted
Bash my face in just to feel
This world is walking wounded and its losing its appeal


You made me this way...
...I hope you're happy now


You were always fucking empty
I just never really saw
Picking at the stitches til my head was red and raw
You were always fucking lifeless
Well - I guess I always knew
Now the only thing that I hate more than me, my dear, is you

VeRSe 2:

Shattered, battered, spattered
Martyred darkly at the heart
This earth detests my presence
How it pinions me apart
Shattered, battered, spattered
In the filth the shame will grow
This world is walking wounded in a sick and vicious show




Face just like an angel
But your heart's a fucking whore
Take your empty promises
I don't want them anymore

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